Sri Poorna Mahameru Trust enters its 27th year of service from 2020. We sincerely thank all our donors, volunteers, staff, government officials and general public for the support extended. Here is a quick recap of the Key events and Service activities for 2019.

  1. Our old age home continues to take care of all the elders under its care with compassion and respect. Our Old age home buildingis more than 23 years old and has become irreparable. Hence, it has been decided to demolish and reconstruct the building. We have started the demolition  process and building renovation will start by Jan 2020.
  2. Our daily Annadanam scheme continues to feed 200-250 people every day including the elders, general public, support staff and everyone else who walks in.
  3. During our Annual festival,Mass annadanamwas conducted and around 10,000 people were fed in the 2 days of the festival. Clothes were distributed to around 100 people.
  4. FreeFood packet distributioncovers slum regions of Chrompet, Pallavaram, Keelkattai
  5. On the occasion of Deepavali we distributed food packets, dresses, blankets, biscuits and essentials (oil, soap, paste etc.) to the homeless destitutes and needy people on the roadside which benefited around 800 people.
  6. Our team in Bangalore conducted Annadanam twice at Government Angawadi School at Jagdish Nagar, Bangalore and also they gave Stationery kits & Belts for the school students.
  7. We have also conducted Annadanam in the following places:

           (i)   Kannagi Nagar,Chennai benefited around 800 people in Jan ‘19

           (ii)  Tiruvannamalai benefited around 200 people in Feb ‘19

           (iii) Akshaya Tritiya annadanam at chrompet benefited around 300 people in Apr ‘19

           (iv) Nanganallur anndanam covering around 400 people in May ‘19

           (v) As a part of our rural outreach programme, we conducted an annadanam and dress distribution at Poruvai village near Trichy on 25-Dec-19 to 200 people

           (vi) Annadanam during Navaratri 10 days

  1. Every month we have provided Grocery kits for 6-10 families who are economically deprived and surviving traumatic conditions such as cancer.
  2. We have provided free food, clothes, and utensils toShalom Leprosy colony, Chengelpet every month.
  3. In the view of World AIDS dayon 1st Dec 2019, We donated grocery kits to 200 AIDS/HIV affected kids in “Preethi Sharan” rural health center, Thakapallam,Kavali Mandal, Andra Pradesh
  4. 70+ underprivileged students, some of them children of Leprosy affected were provided Educational scholarships.
  5. We have provided (a) 5 Bluetooth speakers which helps to listen the online textbook lessons (b) 100 plates for lunch (c) 3 maps and a globe (d) Distributed Sweets and Savouries for around 450 students on Occassion of Deepavali to Panchayat Union Primary School, Tirusoolam.
  6. The project “Srividyasram Pre Kg block“has been fully funded and supported by our trust and the grand inauguration function held on  23-Mar-19.

Our 2020 priorities:

1. Renovate the old age home building which is more than 25 years old.Make it senior citizen friendly and It will also have a larger annadanam hall to accommodate 200 people at a time. We request all donors to support this activity to the best extent possible.

2. Purchase a modern mobile food van for conducting annadanam outside the trust.

3. Expand the annadanam areas across India by collaborating with volunteers and cater to more needy.

2020 Support needed:

1. Our first priority is the renovation of the old age home, which is budgeted at rupees 1.5 crores.

2. Volunteers for conducting our annadanam activities – Inside our premises, within Chennai and outside Chennai.

3. Volunteers for other activities such as website maintenance, social media support, brochure compilation etc.

The complete information about our various projects and its related details including the details on donation modes for Indian and international donors are  available in the below mentioned  Website ✆ 9444868282.

Our gratitude in plenty  for your continuous  support and trust in our mission. we assure that by the Grace of almighty we shall touch more such hearts and heal their pain to the extent possible in 2020 as well.

Prayers for the world well being as well as wish you and your family members a healthy peaceful and happy 2020.

 Wishing you all a very happy prosperous peaceful and healthy new year 2020!