It is said in the scriptures the divine mother did 32 act of charity while she was doing penance. The symbolic meaning is that the entire humanity should perform haritable acts of a similar kind to make our lives and other lives more meaningful. These 32 kinds of Dharma are guiding steps for our service activities

  1. Providing houses to the poor and needy
    2. Provide free education and food to poor students
    3. Feeding the hungry irrespective of any differences
    4. Feeding and Maintaining cows
    5. Provide free food for prisoners
    6. Providing food to beggars who come to our door steps
    7. Providing food to travelers
    8. Food for destitute/orphans
    9. Taking care of pregnant who are awaiting delivery
    10. Helping people to take care of children.
    11. Provide Milk for needy children.
    12. Cremating the dead who are destitute
    13. Provide dress for destitute
    14. Provide tamboolam for those who need
    15. Provide free medicines for needy patients
    16. Helping poor to clean their clothes
    17. Provide free haircuts to the needy
    18. Give mirrors for the needy
    19. Giving artificial ornaments (wood etc) for people who have no ornaments
    20. Giving Kajal to needy women
    21. Giving hair oil for the needy
    22. Providing temporary shelters to people in need
    23. Providing first aid to the needy
    24. Provide free drinking water to the needy
    25. provide free temporary shelter for travellers
    26. Digging bathrooms for public bathing
    27. Growing gardens.
    28. Help cattle to handle skin itches
    29. Allow cattle to mate
    30. Ploughing the lands for growing paddy
    31. Protecting the lives of people who are in danger by providing financial support
    32. Arranging for the marriage of financially poor girls