26th Chitra Pournami Annadanam which is our annual festival was celebrated in our organisation on 18th & 19th Apr 2019 with much fervour and enthusiasm. Annadanam was performed for the whole day on 19th Apr 2019 from morning 8.00 am till night. Hundreds of people from all surrounding areas of Zamin Pallavaram took part in the Annadanam.

The day starts with Aval upma from 8 am, followed by Variety rice (Tamarind, Coconut & Curd rice), evening it was a Kachori feast with Sweets, and for dinner it was full banana leaf meals with Sweet, rice, sambar, curry, rasam, bonda and curd.  We also had volunteers from SRDF Vivekananda Vidhyalaya and other organizations support the Annadanam. Thanks to all the donors without whose help such a mammoth task would have been impossible.