We have started the Reconstruction of our Destitute free old age home building from early 2020. The estimated cost for the entire project is Rs. 1.5 crore(15 million) along with lift amenities.  Due to this COVID 19 pandemic situation we are facing difficulties in collecting the funds for our building construction. During this period donations from our donors have been considerably reduced and the cost of the construction materials had also been increased by 10%.

With the blessings of almighty and support from donors we have almost completed 80% of our building work. It’s a three storey building, built in dormitory style which can accommodate 10 elders in each floor. 

It’s our pleasure to share with you all the 41st week Construction status of our old age home building work.

1) Sump and Water tank water proofing work completed
2) Compound wall foundation and plinth beam concrete work completed.
3) Generator bed, earth piling and pole laying work completed.
4) Police booth plastering, white wash and fall ceiling work completed.
5) 1st floor to terrace level staircase granite laying work completed. 6) 3rd floor hall wall tile laying work completed. 7) Outer North side painting color 1 coat completed.
8) Outer east and west side plastering completed.
9) Outer South side plastering work is in progress. 10) Lift inner electrical work completed.

As we are nearing the completion of the building it would be really a great help for us if you could join hands with us and help us to complete this project.