We are happy to inform you that we have received a generous grant from AMVIAN Automotive (Pvt.) Ltd. for the year 2023. This will help us manage the costs associated to educate around 60 children in Srividyashram Matriculation School, Vadakurangadurai & Under privileged children.

AMVIAN Automotive (Pvt.) Ltd. has been an immense source of support to Sri Poorna Mahameru Trust for the past few years. The generous contribution received from them gives us a huge support for our educational scholarship for under prelivedged children and gives confidence move towards our goal 

On behalf of our elders, the students and teachers of Srividyashram Matriculation School , we wish the members of Amvian a happy, long and peaceful life.  We pray to the almighty that they may grow further and support causes all around the world.