We are pleased to announce that we have been given a grant from Guru Krupa Foundation Inc. (GKF) in the USA that will cover 20% of the annual costs of SPMT. This is the fifth year of support from GKF to go towards the maintenance of our program. In addition, GKF has also contributed to the construction of the new home that will provide a better quality of life for our elders. The Guru Krupa Foundation Inc. is a private foundation based in New York that funds a broad range of social, educational and religious/cultural charitable causes across India and the US.In India, GKF focuses its funding mainly on the most vulnerable sections of society – orphanages, old age homes and projects that seek to empower women & the handicapped. They also provide support for causes that seek to address the quality of and access to education for impoverished children in rural and urban areas.

In the US, GKF funds projects that provide education & meal support to needy children and adults; student fellowships at top rated graduate schools and projects related to temples & Indian cultural programs.