Gyanavapi Vaikuntam at Pallavaram, Chennai

As per the instructions of Sri Maha Periyava , Gnanavapi Vaikundam ,a place for performing the rituals after the cremation of a person for the next 12 days , is being run for the past 11 years.Our objective is to ensure that even a poor person who cannot afford to do the rituals can do it here and get the benefits and satisfaction of completing the rituals for their Pitrus (ancestors). All facilities will be provided as needed which includes priests as per your tradition and food for a specified number of people.

People who can afford to pay for these rituals can also utilize the services and donate accordingly. We expect people utilizing our gnanavapi facilities to be honest about their financial condition so that we can help them accordingly. There are 12 rooms available and can be booked in advance. We also have facilities for performing Srardham/ Devasam ( yearly Thithi) as per their tradition.

People can utilize the place and services subject to the following conditions:

  •  Karta (person who will be performing the rites) must come in person to apply.
  • Karta can perform the karma with their own family priest in the Gnanavapi.
  • There are no middle formen or brokers involved.
  • Gyanavapi Bookings cannot be done over phone or other means. Please come in person to the Gnanavapi.

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Please contact

KS Rajan 9442471730

N. Nandakumar 9843207383 / 044-22474508