Gaja duraga Sahasram | Gokulam koti danam ||

Kanaka Rajatha patram | Methini sagarantham ||

Upaya kula vishuttam | Koti kanya pradanam ||

Nahi nahi bahu danam| Annadanam samanam ||

Meaning: Even if one gifts 1000 elephants, horses or gifts 10 million cows or any number of vessels of silver and gold , gifts the entire land till sea, offering the entire services of the clan , helps in the marriage of 10 million women, all this is never never equal to Annadanam(Poor Feeding).

Akshaya Tritiya is one of the most holy days in our tradition. It has been a custom to donate food especially Curd rice and items of daily use such as Clothes,Chappals,Umbrella etc. on that day.

On 10th May 2024, We have distributed curd rice through our Mobile food van for the needy people which covers the areas around Pallavaram, Tambaram to chengalpet – GST Road which covers 1500 people.